Child GPS

With a child gps, you will know where you are easily and can safely find your way back to camp.

Learn all about the options here and know more information of child gps available here. I will tell you exactly why these child gps are considered excellent and gorgeous, their advantages as well as their disadvantages.

Hope this page will help you decide which is the better one for you.

Best Child GPS Ratings

Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS
Brand 44 Colorado

The easiest and quickest way to get in on the geocaching fun, the Geomate.Jr is an incredibly affordable and amazingly easy-to-use geocaching GPSjust switch it on anywhere in the United States and be directed to your closest geocache.

Child GPS Reviews
  • “As of January 2012, the Geomate Jr. is no longer supported directly from the manufacturer Apishere, even with an update kit.” – Quentin S. Huss
  • “GREAT family fun!!!!” – S. Bauer
  • “Save yourself some money and do not invest in this one.” – Trish

G Shock Combination Miltary Watch-Matte Black model number is GA-100-1A1

Black resin case with a black polyurethane bracelet. Fixed black resin bezel. Black dial with silver-tone hands and index hour markers.

Product Research
  • “I really like this watch and it looks even better in person.” – Tristan944
  • “I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it.” – Gina
  • “The watch has a light, but it does not illuminate the digital time or date and isn’t very productive when showing the clock hands in a dark situation.” – Hunter

LOK8U Freedom Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert Watch

Freedom is a system that detects a wandering event, and alerts you as soon as your family member moves out of the safe zone that you set, day or night.

Amber Alert GPS Child Locator Tracking Device
Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS, maker of one of the world’s leading GPS child tracking technologies, has developed the ultimate child safety device – the Amber Alert GPS Child Tracking Device! It’s small, easy to conceal, and reports a location every 5 minutes to your computer or app.

Consumer Reports
  • “It has happened again a couple of times after it was “fixed” but I got no answer from the company nor did they offer to fix it.” – LaBella
  • “It’s also wonderful that there are different contracts/payment amounts depending on what features you feel that you need or can afford.” – Viera 07
  • “I was going to add a star for customer service, but this just subtracted the star back.” – eg77777

LOC8TOR Plus Pack

The Loc8tor Plus is the ultimate tool that will help you keep tabs on your children, pets and possessions and is ideal for use at home, out and about or for business.

Product Reviews
  • “I’m sure the loc8tor people were striking a balance between cost and quality.” – CNCH
  • “It would be better if the tags were smaller, but they’re small enough to work if you sew them flat on a harness or collar.” – Barbara A. Carlson
  • “NINE MONTHS later, I get an email from them saying the manufacturer doesn’t repair screens and it is a total loss and I HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE!!!!!” – K. L. Warseck

Suggestions of the Best child gps

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